About Us

We opened our doors in 2008 at Hilldale in Madison, WI.  Since 2008 our location has changed but our love of perfecting Infusion Chocolates has remained.  Our artisan chocolates combine incredible ingredients with thoughtfully layered, nuanced flavors.  Our passion is to continue sourcing and producing the most beautiful chocolates that delight our customers.

Over the years, we’ve expanded our line, introducing new flavor combinations and unique confections. We love bringing chocolate, done differently, to the Madison area and beyond!



Our Process

We start by using the highest quality and freshest ingredients available. From there, we aren’t afraid to have a little fun. So, while we will always have the classic truffles, we delight in creating unexpected flavor combinations. Try our Fromage de Bleu truffle -- it's a one-bite fruit and cheese platter, with local blue cheese whipped into the center ganache. Or give our Thai Peanut Butter a whirl – it’s infused with curry, tamarind and pieces of crystallized ginger.

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 Cacao Sourcing

We care about where our cacao comes from. Nearly all of our chocolate is Fair Direct Sustainable. This  ensures that cacao farms are carefully selected, given the stability of a long- term contract and paid fairly for their crops. Because of this, the farmers we support are paid 25-50% over Fair Trade wages. 

You’ll note that our couveratures are not certified organic. This is largely because that certification comes with a hefty price tag for cacao farmers. However, the cacao we -- and most of the world -- source is grown   in an organic manner, as chemical applications are both expensive and harmful to the cacao trees.

Our Team

We are a chocolate collaborative in the truest sense, committed to continuously educating ourselves and each other. We are a tight-knit bunch, with each member of our team playing an integral role in the creation of our chocolates. This group-inspired approach keeps our products fresh, our company relevant and our culture fun.

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Our Story

We have been fortunate to train alongside world-renowned chocolatiers and pastry chefs, both domestically and internationally. We consult regularly with candy experts and work closely with the Food Science Department at the University of Wisconsin - Madison. With a little help from our large base of mentors, we work hard to find that sweet spot where design and chocolate meet. Come join us on our chocolate journey!