Barrier Islands Pure Flake Sea Salt

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"Our bestselling, signature flake finishing salt is definitely not your mother's table salt. It has a delicate texture, looks like sparkly white snowflakes and tastes fresh and briny. And spoiler alert.... most grocery store salt comes from underground mines and our salt comes from the actual sea!

We collect our sea water from a magical place called the Virginia Coast Reserve. It's 130,000 acres of crashing Atlantic Ocean, uninhabited barrier islands, eelgrass and oyster beds, shore birds and sea turtles.... It's the largest coastal wilderness on the entire East Coast, and the water is mineral rich and crystal clear. We use centuries old, artisan salt making methods and our process takes two weeks from ocean to jar. Every single thing we do is by hand and in small batches, with lots of love and an obsessive focus on quality.

Flake salt is for those who love (LOVE!) food and enjoy adding a special touch to everyday meals to take them up a notch. Flake salt goes on at the end of cooking so you taste the flavor contrast and get that satisfying little crunch. It takes the flavor of whatever you're eating from good to WOW. That's because it amplifies the flavor. Try a piece of watermelon plain and then with our flake salt and you'll never, ever go back. Steak becomes more steaky, eggs more eggy, chocolate chip cookies more chocolatey.... you get the idea. Now get this salt!"

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